Third Oikonet Conference: Global Dwelling: Sustainability – Design – Participation. Manchester 2016

Cyclescapes conference: Cycling and Public Realm, Bauhaus Foundation Dessau, 2014

Green Space Revolution, International congress No.12, Association of French Landscape Architects (SPSP), Palermo 2012

Cultivation of public space - Dalston Roof Park, Birmingham City University & RIBA, July 2011

Oikodomos–Conference, Sint Lucas School of Architecture, Brussels, 2011

Europan 10 Workshop and Conference in La-Chaux-de-Fonds and Neuchâtel, 2010

Performative densities, International congress No.11, Association of French Landscape Architects (SPSP) - 2010 - University of Greenwich, London, 2010

Co-habited Infrastructures, International congress No.10, Association of French Landscape Architects (SPSP), University of Florence, 2009

Europan 9 Conference in Santiago de Compostela. Podium, Santiago, 2008