Approach and Services

About our Work

Our work seeks to challenge the prevailing understanding of architecture and urbanism through a critical assessment of project goals, context, the role of design and the means of production. We are interested in innovative architecture and in providing the best achievable quality. zectorarchitects is committed to a research-based approach, which is supported by the partners’ academic work and their participation in international architectural competitions.

We concentrate on projects of public relevance and we have a close understanding of urban change. Our work is inclusive and seeks to respond to the specific situation it is designed for. Vice versa, the situation responds to your intervention. This way we may trigger events and influence transformative processes. We believe that spatial and programmatic interventions are powerful instruments to improve places so that they become or continue to be places for people to enjoy.

Process and Tools

As a standard procedure we research the fundamentals for each project thoroughly and we carry out consultations where appropriate. In addition to analytical data that is readily available, e.g. planning guidelines, environmental data etc., we develop and utilise alternative and project-specific analytical instruments. This includes site mapping based on patterns of use, behaviours and other social indicators, cultural aspects, existing programmes, inter-relations and dependencies. In this way we obtain evidence of contextual and project-inherent qualities which we use to inform the design. Our method of (site-) analysis may have a strong observational and experimental character.

Supported by the analytical understanding of the conditions and parameters we then develop a detailed brief. Depending on the nature of the project this initial phase and the following design process may be carried out in close connection with the client and/or consultation of the public and other specialist consultants.

zectorarchitects is a design and research led practice of architects and urbanists

We provide architectural services as well as urban design services. We are engaged with everything that is to do with space in the broadest sense. Beside the provision of full architectural services we are able to offer a range of specific services to suit our clients’ requirements. This way our service can be carefully tailored to the scale and specific situation of each project. Our services include:

Full Architectural Services
Strategic Brief Development
Client Advisor
Architects’ services & fee advice
Client Representative
Feasibility Studies
Design Services only
Planning Advice
Planning Application
Detail Design
Materials Advice
Working Drawings only

Space Planning
Furniture Design
Interior Design

Urban Design
Public Realm Design
Site Analysis & Mapping 
Participative Processes and Consultation

The practices’ work is based on a wide breadth of professional skills and knowledge. We are familiar with British and German procurement procedures, requirements for planning authorities and the European construction industry.

We believe in the value that open collaboration and team-working bring to our projects. According to the complexity of the project we set up, co-ordinate and manage multidisciplinary teams bringing together trusted and competent consultants and specialist. In this way we are able to offer the best possible solution for our clients’ needs.

We are fully committed to each of our projects and the people we work with. To us the long term success of a project is key concern and we ensure the highest possible standards from inception through to completion. We highly value the needs and aspirations of our clients. We believe that for good architecture to be realised, a demanding and open-minded client is of great advantage.

The two partners, Carsten Jungfer and Norbert Kling, are closely involved in the design of every project. On each project one of the partners acts as the primary point of client contact. Transparency is the key to effective communication and a solid working relationship. Regular meetings and briefings ensure that our clients are always on top of the project.

We employ advanced conceptual and analytical methods to develop and critically assess the design process. A high standard in 2D and 3D representation contributes to a clear communication of ideas.