Stifford Centre

client: Stifford Community Centre
location: Stepney Green, London 2007/08
services: stages A-E
in collaboration with: JD Architects

Stifford community centre is a charity organisation which provides a number of essential services to the neighbourhood. It is currently located in three formerly derelict shops built in the 60-ties. Due to increasing demand, the centre plans to redevelop the site it currently occupies to provide a wider range of services to the community. Working closely with the client we developed a design for a building which caters for a variety of uses, including functions such as GP practice, cafe, day care for Elderly, crèche, education facilities for children and adults, IT facilities and a green house.

The proposal is based on a thorough site analysis, which carefully considers a wide range of criteria including public realm, massing, scale, daylight, sustainability, orientation within streetscape, optimisation of pedestrian flow and the proximity to a conservation area.