MIPUM – Pop-Up Museum

location: Tower Hill, London UK
year: 2015

The 100 Minories Pop-up Museum (MiPUM) is a temporary exhibition displaying finds from the ongoing archaeological excavation in proximity the historic city wall near the Tower of London. 
The exhibition is located in a courtyard off Coopers Row, taking advantage of the remains of the historic Roman city wall which serves as a backdrop to the displays, as well as the high number of pedestrians passing through here during the day. 

A family of different display cases and information panels contextualises the findings of the current excavation. The exhibition is in the open and directly accessible to the public. Visitors are invited to directly talk to members of the archaeologist team and closely inspect a selection of original artefacts. 

The event is part of the Festival of Archaeology 2015.
As with the HiPUM of 2012 the design and setting-up of the museum is the result of a close collaboration between LP Archaeology, zectorarchitecs and fabricator Roey Hunt.