Transforming Athens’ Urban Landscapes. Symposium & Book Launch 22/23. Juni 2023, at Technopolis, Athens. Norbert acted as co-host and was part of the organising team, and launched the book “Taking Action: Transforming Athens’ Urban Landscapes”

Conference contribution “The Construction of Change in Architecture and Urbanism. Discursive Positions Between Obsolescence and Utopianism”, by Norbert, at the 29th International Conference of Europeanists CES, 27–29 Juni 2023, Reykjavik.

Transformations of Inner-Urban Landscapes. Rethinking public space and publicness in Athens. Round table conference co-hosted by Norbert at the Chair of Sustainable Urbanism at TUM. December 2021.

Jungfer, C. and Palmieri, F. 2021. Co-Design PracticeACE Research conference Feb 2021. University of East London 12 – 12 Feb 2021 University of East London, School of Architecture Computing and Engineering.

Porous City conference and book launch. Member of the organising team at the Chair of Urban Design and Regional Planning at TUM, March 2018.

Third Oikonet Conference: Global Dwelling: Sustainability – Design – Participation. Manchester 2016 

Cyclescapes conference: Cycling and Public Realm, Bauhaus Foundation Dessau, 2014 

Green Space Revolution, International congress No.12, Association of French Landscape Architects (SPSP), Palermo 2012

Cultivation of public space – Dalston Roof Park, Birmingham City University & RIBA, July 2011

Oikodomos–Conference, Sint Lucas School of Architecture, Brussels, 2011

Europan 10 Workshop and Conference in La-Chaux-de-Fonds and Neuchâtel, 2010

Performative densities, International congress No.11, Association of French Landscape Architects (SPSP) – 2010 – University of Greenwich, London, 2010

Co-habited Infrastructures, International congress No.10, Association of French Landscape Architects (SPSP), University of Florence, 2009

Europan 9 Conference in Santiago de Compostela. Podium, Santiago, 2008