Garden Gossip

Public Cooperative Art Project

phase 1: Diakonie Hasenbergl, Munich, May/June 2021 phase 2: Munich, Nordhaideplatz 10. June – 31. July 2021
phase 3: since December 2021 KGV at Luitpoldpark

The project is part of a series of art interventions in the public realm of Munich. Curated by the public art department of the municipality, the series assembles positions about the theme DISTANZEN | DISTANCES.
Project participants include zectorarchitects London/Munich – Norbert Kling and Carsten Jungfer with Sofia Dona (art advisor) | Team of the joinery ‘Junge Arbeit der Diakonie Hasenbergl e.V.’ led by Roland Epe and Maximilian Doll, in cooperation with Dominik Rastorfer | Kleingartenverband Munich.

‘Garden Gossip’ evolved in three phases, starting with a joint co-design workshop with a team of apprentices and production. During its temporary stay on Nordhaideplatz Garden Gossip was surrounded by a cloud of garden sounds and multi-lingual, subtle conversations. The project moved to an allotment garden community next to Munich’s Luitpoldpark, where it now stands as a place to socialise and improve access to the gardens.