location: Munich, Lothringer13 and allotment NO17
year: 2020

The Zaunbank installation is a project we developed on the occasion of the Munich Architecture Award Exhibition (Förderpreis Architektur 2020). We had the opportunity to show some of our projects along the work of artists, photographers and designers at the municipal galleries Lothringer13. More info here.

‘Zaunbank’ is a two-phased project, that engages with a space in an allotment garden, was well as the gallery space. The idea for the zaunbank project emerged from the observation that allotment communities are looking for new ways of connecting to the local neighbourhoods while struggling with the rigidifying structural conditions they have inherited from the past. The project is a prototype, a trial in terms of building technique, process and effects. Only a few things are required for its realisation: The willingness of gardeners to dedicate a small part of their garden to public use, and a few tools and materials to build a bench. The procedure is simple and minimal-invasive: the boundary fence is sliced from top to bottom. The sections are folded towards the inside to accommodate the bench. 
What previously defined a rigid border between inside and outside has now become part of an invitation, a small gesture of openness and welcome. 
From the outset the project received positive response. The project is a small conceptual and practical contribution towards positive change in our everyday environment.