Talks and Workshops

zectorarchitects. Talk and presentation by Carsten Jungfer @uel_foundation_arch_design 25.10.2022

IUL – Athens’ Futures Masterclass Workshop
02.05.-06.05.2022 at NTUA, Athens, hosted by NTUA and TUM
. With Panayotis Tournikiotis, Mark Michaeli, Alkmini Paka, Athina Vitopoulou, Panos Dragonas, Panita Karamanea, Tilemachos Andrianopoulos, Tasos Roidis, Christos Kritikos and Norbert Kling

Unexpected Proximities, Workshop NTUA, 2021

Unexpected Coexistences, Workshop HS Wismar, 2021

Mapping Workshop Kerameikos and Metaxourgeio, Athens 2019, hosted by NTUA and TUM

Digital manufacturing workshop as part of ‘making week’ at Central St Martins: Carsten Jungfer with Keita Tajima, 2016

Europan. Presentation and Discussion. Forschungskolloquium at Brandenburg University of Technology BTU, together with Jens Metz, 2011

10×10 Europan. Kick-Off Presentation, Opening Session Europan 11, Energieforum Berlin, 2011

Mount Pleasant Site Workshop with Students of Oxford Brookes University and Brandenburg University of Technology, Phoenix Centre, London 2011

E10 Workshop Neuchâtel La Serrières: With which flows to make the city? La-Chaux-de-Fonds, 2010. Team: Etienne Bourdais, Han Dijk, Mariana Forberg, Marlena Happach, Norbert Kling, Ross Langdon, Emile Revier, Joakim Skajaa, Esther Stevelink. Coordinated by Jens Metz, Europan Europe

Zukunftswerkstatt Wohnen of Wuestenrot-Stifung run by Prof. Inken Baller and Guenter Barczik, Invited Guest Critic, Frankfurt a.M., 2010

afo Architekturforum Oberoesterrreich, Linz, 2008

Sporta Pils Workshop, Latvian Academy of Fine Arts, Riga Technical University, Brandenburg University of Technology, Riga, 2008

Both partners are invited as guest critics to design crits on a regular basis. Schools include Oxford Brookes University, University of East London, Canterbury University, University of Westminster, Brandenburg University of Technology, University of Applied Sciences Munich, London Metropolitan University, Architectural Association

Digital manufacturing workshop