St. Mary’s Church Field Museum

location: Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire UK
year: 2021

Highly commended at the Archaeological Achievement Awards 2021

The St. Mary’s Church Field Museum is a new type of space that promotes innovative learning and public engagement directly at the archaeological excavation site, that was open to the public between May to September of 2021. 

The Field Museum attracted a large number of visitors across all ages, that learned about the significant finds from Roman, Norman and Saxon times, participated in knowledge exchange (oral history) and gained unique insights by observing ongoing work at the archaeological excavation. The site is of significant archaeological interest and forms part of the HS2 development. 

The field museum design concept is build around the experience of the visitor by promoting engagement in non-hierarchical narratives, opportunities for personal discovery and interactive learning through a range of multi-sensory and tactile displays. We consolidated acquired design knowledge relating to the ‘archaeology pop-up museum’, that we gained by closely working together with clients L-P Archaeology on past projects. (MiPum and HIPum