CLT Housing

Re-imagining low-carbon futures, diversification and the use of renewable materials in inner development contexts

location: Reutterstraße, Munich
services: HOAI 1–5, in collaboration with M.Hauser
year: 2023/24

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is the main material for this three-unit residential housing project. The use of CLT allowed us to reduce construction time on site, cut carbon emissions, and create a special atmosphere in the interior, with the ceilings and major parts of the walls remaining exposed. The project included the refurbishment of three residential units in the adjacent building. The prefabricated elements were provided by ABA HOLZ van Kempen GmbH. Project partners included DEDA-Bau, IB-Schier, and Holzbau Treffler.

3D construction model by ABA HOLZ van Kempen GmbH